Zemnia 1.0

Intense space shooter action on your Palm OS

In a cold and lonely universe, you stand as the only remaining line of defense against the hordes of chaos threatening to take over civilization. To save your world, you need to fight your way through enemy defense and reach into the very heart of darkness, before it is too late. Good luck!

Zemnia is a classic 2d shooter game that takes full advantage of the power of Palm OS 5 devices to bring you the most intense action available on Palm today! Battle the enemy, pick up power ups to increase the firepower of your ship, and utilize an array of special weapons to fight against the ever changing faces of evil, not to mention the big bad bosses.

Features of Zemnia include:

High resolution, 16 bit graphics

Watch your handheld come to life showing stunning enemies, backgrounds and effects, all in realtime!

Quality music and sound

Atmospheric music and a stunning array of sounds!

Over 50 different types of enemies

Enjoy their slick graphics, then wipe them out!

4 vast levels to explore

Make no mistake, these levels are huge! All with completely different enemies and background graphics!

3 difficulty settings

Are you a battle veteran who finds the game too easy? Try the Hard mode! Too difficult? Why don't you try the easy mode and practice your moves!

4 special weapons

Use missiles, shields, energy lines, and sawblades to take out the enemy!



Zemnia 1.0